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Ein Forscher träufelt aus einer kleinen Pipette eine Flüssigkeit in ein Reagenzglas. Mehrere Reagenzgläser und ein Erlenmeyerkolben vorn rechts sind mit einer hellblauen, klaren Flüssigkeit gefüllt. Kopf und Schultern des Forschers sind nur unscharf im Hintergrund zu erkennen.

Working Group Prof. Dr. Lutz Schomburg

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Field of Research

  • Selenium within the endocrine system - significance in therapy and prevention
  • Research on and testing of new diagnostic tools

Novel Diagnostic Methods

At present, our repertoire of endocrine-specific diagnostic assays is enlarged, used to analyze comprehensive epidemiological studies in order to better understand the interaction of endocrine and cancer disease risk with the selenium and autoimmune status thereby improving disease prevention and patient care. Our research has identified important sex-specific differences which need to be taken into account when endocrine and autoimmune diseases and micronutrient interactions are studied and discussed.