Working groups at the IEE


Active research is the basic pillar of our work at the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology.
The research groups working here are focused on basic research and translational application of current findings inthe field of endocrinology.

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At the Institute for Experimental Endocrinology, committed employees are engaged in research on current topics with different focuses, of course, in close cooperation. The individual performances of the different AGs reflect the specific expertise and projects.


Research teams in the clinical-theoretical institute focus on biosynthesis, transport, metabolism and effects of thyroid hormones, hormonal effects on the energy and lipid metabolism, as well as on tumor biology and brain development. Main areas of research also include the relationship between the essential trace elements iodine, selenium, iron and the hormonal system as well as biosynthesis, elucidation of function and dysfunctions of selenoproteins, which contain the 21st proteinogenic amino acid selenocysteine as, for example, the deiodinase enzyme family, or the selenium transporter protein selenoprotein P. Furthermore, characterization and diagnostic recording of autoantibodies against endocrine-relevant target molecules is being performed, preferentially in the context of various human autoimmune diseases. Development, validation and application of new immunological, analytical and functional tests for endocrine-relevant molecules such as hormones, receptors, or so-called ‘endocrine disruptors’ are an important research field in the scientific institution, where several new immunoassays for thyroid hormone metabolites, neuroendocrine-active peptides, selenoproteins and bioassays for hormones have been established and now are being implemented in clinical studies.